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Sica's Corner

Fellow Golfers:                                          June 24, 2019 

A great day at Morgan Hill, the sun was shining and fo the most part all were done in the 4.5 hr pace,  last two took 5 hours we will work on that  going forward, RIGHT. I know Nunzio DePao1la was in a 4.5 group but that didn't hurt him, since the NUNZ was your low net winner, his 82-17=65 was good for the victory. He gets his spot in the Players Championship in October, which he had already from his WINNING thetitle last season, congratulations Nunzio abd NICE SHOOTING.

Time for our GRANDADDY,  the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP is this weekend, 
up  next  Saturday JUNE 29  and Sunday JUNE 30, we are at SHAWNEE   starting tee time at 8:30,  green fees including ctp is $220 for both days rang balls included. 
Here are who is competing for the title, this season we are tying to have this as a STROKE only event so there are no MATCHES needed.

Kim(pd), Schiavo(pd), Catino(pd), Pettigrew(pd), Kitsuta(pd), Zygunt(pd), Gronske(pd),

Matvienko(45), Padilla(60), , Enright(60), DePaola(60), Fasouletos(60), Cannon,

Semon,  Garcia, Miniaci(pd),  Fetherman,   Leishman(pd),  Milne(pd),  Saporito,  

Koryta(pd), Kepic(pd), Lau,  Gabrielle(pd), Murray, Welch(pd),  

SUNDAY ONLY   Benzebhoefer(pd),  Severson(pd),  Gillick 

OUT-   Delizio, Catlaw, Bologna, Murphy, Triana,  Damsell,  Butler, Lacey, Saadeh, Pascali, Perry, Sudnik, LaBarbera, Estrella, Labianco Houston,

If your unavailable to play any of the events below please let me know.
All fees include your CTP, 
as always if you need to MAIL any checks ,  made out to 

BELLEVILLE, NJ 07109       

 or just drop it off in my mailbox SAVE A STAMP especially if you live in the area 

Till we tee o


Sunday July 7       4TH OF JULY WEEKEND OFF

Sunday July 14
     ROYCE BROOK (EAST)     10AM $120
OUT- Catlaw, Bologna, Delizio, Murphy, Zygmunt

Sunday July  21    HIGH BRIDGE HILLS   9 AM $100
OUT- Catlaw, Bologna, Damsell

Sunday July 28   FLANDERS VALLEY (B-W)   9AM $100
OUT-Catlaw, Bologna

Sunday Aug. 4    SUNSET VALLEY         9AM  $100
OUT- Milne

Sunday Aug. 11      OFF

Sunday Aug. 18    BERKSHIRE VALLEY  9AM  $110
OUT- Milne

Sunday Aug. 25    ARCHITECTS     9am    $130
OUT- Matvienko, Zygmunt, Delizio