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2016 Weekenders Golf Club
our 44th year

Look who gets his Players' Trophy Back.

Dennis Enright takes his players trophy back from Scott Milne, who he had to pass to in 2015. With his victory again he is now EXEMPT for the Players' Championship until 2019. Scott who won it last season is qualified without winning a low net event until 2018.


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Next Up:
Sunday Oct. 30 Morgan Hill 9 am shot-gun

The Golf Club W.O.R.E. will be settled at Morgan Hill on October 30th. There are 3 Golf clubs with out real estate competing. This year is last years winners Golf Club of NJ, Weekenders, and Garwood Athletic Club. Each team will field 8 players in two different formats to see who gets this years crown. Pictured above is the view from the 11th tee box. With 24 players attending we may have a SHOT-GUN start at 9 am.

2016 GOLF CLUB W.O.R.E  (With Out Real Estate)
Scheduled for    SUNDAY OCT. 30  Morgan Hill
as of now 3 golf clubs competing
If your club is interested in competing  this year use the contact us page

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New Feature: Weekenders Member's Theme Songs
Follow the link above to our latest feature. The first ten member theme songs have been posted.  Send your suggestions for others to


2016 Weekenders Singles Champ, Jeff Matvienko

Jeff Matvienko defeats his partner Carlos Triana to claim the title of 2016 Singles Champ. When they played each other in the past it is now Jeff 2 wins to Carlos 1. with his win his 2017 dues is paid.