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2017 Weekenders Golf Club
our 45th year

Cudjo doing unbelievable things in 2017

Dave Severson got another win this time at Riverview with an incredible 85-25 = 60,  Sure it wasn't his 59 like at Shawnee a month ago, but it is just as impressive at a track he historically does well at. I don't know how he does it but he loves those courses just over the PA border. (Morgan Hill, Riverview, Shawnee) He played well at Riverview in the past but now instead of losing on a tiebreaker he left NO DOUBT. His next closest competitors had net 66's. I am sure his handicap will be re rated since the Ghin system went crazy when I posted that score.


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Next Up:
 Sunday August 27
Berkshire Valley        starting at 9:30am

We get back to Berkshire Valley for our second trip there this season. Historically this would be a Play-in event for any of those Singles or Doubles teams tied for the last spot to make the playoffs. Fortunately enough we have exactly 4 doubles teams and 8 singles qualified for the playoffs so we will play whatever matches are able to be done. Those that are playing will get needed Ryder points and a shot a the low net title. I am sure you all remember the course it is the same we played in June.

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a Ryder cup style event
  Sunday OCT 29 at HIGH BRIDGE HILLS    
4 clubs competing as of now if your group is interested use the contact us page.