Team Bios

TEAM 1: Tom Murphy & Mike Pettigrew (30+ seasons)

Majors: Tom (1) Mike (2)

One of the two longest tenured teams, Tom and Mike are also two of the most popular members and are certainly the fastest team out there. Both are streaky who have each rattled off back-to-back tournament wins in their careers. Tom will sometimes go sans woods and win tournaments and other times, when he's behind a slow group, he will hit driver on every shot including from in the bunkers and on the greens. Mike is the self proclaimed Champion of the Practice Range. Both of them have seen and heard all the things that make the league great and will be happy to share them.

TEAM 2: Andy Leishman & Taka Kitsuta (25+ seasons)

Majors: None

Don't be fooled by this team's carefree style of play, the fact is that they are very competitive and easy going but that has never contributed to any team or individual success. They'll play in any weather, even after a long drive up from Myrtle Beach, and make nearly every event. Taka's brush with fame came when he made the final group for day two of the 2002 Club Championship only to shoot 77 on the front nine. He is often mistaken for a 27 year old by strangers. Andy, when he's not posing for print ads as the second man on the evolutionary chart, can be heard spouting off heinously corny one liners.

TEAM 3: Jeff Matvienko & Carlos Triana (17th season)

Majors: Jeff(9) Carlos(10)

Jeff and Carlos got it done again in 2023. Their fourth title, they are a force to be reckoned with yearly. When they are not out shopping for white pants together or at home watching Dancing with the Stars, Jeff and Carlos can usually be found beating nearly every opponent that comes their way. They are the only team to ever finish a season undefeated in doubles at 13-0 in 2009 and extended their unbeaten streak to 23 straight before finally losing. It's hard to believe that their partnership came together at the last minute. Like Bert and Ernie, they seem like they've been friends for life.

TEAM 4: Jon Schiavo & Jae Kim (4th Season)

Majors: Jon (2), Jae (1)

Jon joined us via our website. He brought in his friend, Jae and both played as independents last season returned as full members in 2020. Their team debut that year resulted in the doubles match-play championship. This team will deliver the one-two punch in match play.

TEAM 5: Nunzio DePaola & Bill Murray (12th & 5th seasons)

Majors - Nunzio (3), Bill (0)

Bill joined Nunzio in 2019. Bill lives in the same town as Nunzio, so now we shouldn't have a problem with Nunz heading to the wrong course for his tee time. Good luck guys.

TEAM 6: John Catino & Joe Kepic (9th & 6th seasons)

Majors - John (4), Joe (3)

John has has been a member for 9 years now and is president of the league.  Joe has had his share of success in the Weekenders, most recently winning the Singles Championship and Players Championship in 2022, in addition to his 4 other wins that year.  Joe is known to keep a mini-bar in his bag, so when you see him on the tee box ask him for a cocktail.

TEAM 7: Hank Zygmunt & Scott Milne (9th & 18th seasons)

Majors: Scott (5), Hank (0)

Scott and Hank decided to pair up after the banquet in 2015, since their former partners were changing their membership status. Both these guys know what it takes to get some wins. 

TEAM 8: Brady Lau & Charlie Padilla (9th & 11th seasons)

Majors: Brady (2), Charlie (0)

After his winning the singles title in 2016 Brady got Weekenders veteran Charlie Padilla to come out of "retirement" and join forces per the original plan when Brady entered the club in 2015. They both work together, and besides always proving to be a tough match, its also a very fun round with these guys.  Brady is the regining 2022 club champion.

TEAM 9: Frank Garcia & Rico Pasamba (8th season & Rookie)

Majors: Frank (0), Rico (0)

Frank played with The Weekenders for over 10 years and spent the last 2 years as a member at Shawnee Country Club. He is now looking forward to playing different courses again. Frank recruited Rico and they are longtime friends famous for playing in extreme conditions. Rico is looking forward to the competition and challenge that this league will bring. 

TEAM 10: Dennis Enright & Justo Pastor (17th & 2nd season)

Majors: Dennis (8), Justo (0)

Dennis is a seasoned veteran of the Weekenders Golf Club.  As recently as last year, he proved he can still go low by shooting 2 strokes under his age.  Justo joined us last year as an independent and is looking forward to playing in team match play this year.

TEAM 11: Dmitri Kuznetsov & Ryan Zaharko (2nd & 4th season)

Majors: Dimi (2), Ryan(1)

Ryan played with us a few years ago, and after some time off, is back for singles and doubles competition. Dimi joined in 2021 and the rest is history. 2021 was a banner year for this team. They took down the doubles team championship and Dimi claimed the singles championship. Do not let your guard down when playing this team.

TEAM 12: Kyle Saddeh & James Ha (5th and 2nd season)

Majors: Kyle(0), James (0)

Kyle joined our league as independent two years ago and is a US veteran. He can hit the ball a mile and when his short game is on look out!  James is a former member returning this year.  Good luck gentlemen!

Independents ("THE SUBS")

SUB 1: Jim Gillick (30+ SEASONS)

Majors: None

One of the elder statesman in the club, Jim has seen it all. Jim doesn't attend as many events as he did back in the day, so he's been an independent the last few years. When you see him at the 19th ask him about some of the tales from years past.

SUB 2: Dave Severson (25+ SEASONS)

Majors: None

Dave has been a member of the club for a long time. He was teammates with Paul, but they've decided to become independents due to scheduling. If you are ever in a group with him, Jim, and Paul, I guarantee even if you don't play well that day you will still have a great time with these guys.

SUB 3: Paul Benzenhoffer (14th season)

Majors: None

Paul used to be a teammate with Dave, however they both decided to become independent members in the last few years because it fits their schedule better. Paul is a Jets fan so understandably you can see why he spends his Sundays golfing.

SUB 4: Tom Welch (6th season)

Majors: None

Tom was recruited by Dave in 2017 to join the club. One thing about Tom is he might be most collected golfer in the league. I don't think I've seen him ever get frustrated out on the course.