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Weekenders Golf Club Rules and Regulations


Govern all Play except for Weekenders specific rules (below) or

Local Course Rules on day of event. (Read your scorecard)


Unless stated otherwise prior to EACH EVENT.


Completion of each hole is a putt holed out. Failure to putt out will result it DQ of event


Sounds simple and is not to be confused with cheating. (Cheating is not tolerated and club expulsion maybe the result) Count all strokes means that during the play of a hole (especially a tough one) it is easy to forget something (chili-dip, 4-putt, shot left in bunker, etc.) The intent here is for the ENTIRE FOURSOME to diplomatically challenge a score if ANYONE in the group feels there is an error. The challenged golfer should not be offended but RE-COUNT his strokes and verify his announced score. It is not comfortable to do but, the RESPONSIBILITY lies with the entire foursome and must be done prior to teeing off the next hole. EVERYONE in the club benefits from accurate stroke counting and it is the expectation that each member speak up if needed. (Grow a set)



Full Members (teams) are AUTOMATICALLY marked as ATTENDING each event unless they say otherwise (at least 1 week prior to event)

Independent members (subs) and Guests must REGISTER for events they want to attend; date to register for each event is on the website (at least 4 days prior to be guaranteed a tee time) anything later than that if there are spots open or they can let me know via email which events they definitely want to attend early in the year.


EVERYONE MUST PREPAY for ALL EVENTS, either with cash or check (preferred) payable to WEEKEDERS GOLF CLUB or if needed when you register on the website you can pay via Credit Card/Pay Pal instructions are located on the website OR VENMO
(PAY NOW BUTTON)  If you do not pay your green fees due until the day of the event,YOU MUST BE PREPAID BY 7 DAYS PRIOR TO EACH EVENT If your not pre paid you can play but will be ineligible to win LOW NET for the event 

The best to do is either pay for a few events at a time or at each event you can prepay for the next event. If you pre-pay for an event and something comes up your fees will be moved to your next event (if course does not charge us, risk is assumed by the player)



ALL is included with your event entry, 
Players who win any CTP or low net at event will receive a credit for future events.
Closest to the Pin markers need to be brought in after the round by the
FINAL Foursome at each event


If you can’t see the group in front of you, you are guilty of slow play and every effort should be made to CLOSE THE GAP.  NEW USGA RULES 40 second/shot 


All players’ golf balls should be marked prior to teeing off  it is each foursome’s responsibility to verify your opponents markings. Provisional balls should be marked differently.


Everyone will play from the SAME SET OF TEES at each event all around 6200 (nothing less than 6000) exception is the FINAL ROUND of the Club Championship which is played at closest to 6500.



Official scorecards for each event will be handed out prior to your tee time.

ONE SCORECARD must be turned in immediately after your round and

MUST BE SIGNED by all players in your group, once they are turned in, they are official and no changes will be made. It is the teams’ responsibility to KNOW the match results for the day; if they are not given at the time of giving your scores, no players will be given credit/points for their wins. (If you need help ask)


At each event we compete in SINGLES and DOUBLES matches as well as LOW-NET winner of the day. All Prizes will be given out at the year-end banquet held the beginning of December.  Year End champions (Doubles, $Singles in each will be exempt from the following years membership dues. Each event winner qualifies them for the PLAYERS' CHAMPIONSHIP where they compete in the final event of the season.

You MUST win an event to be qualified for the title or a champion (singles,doubles, net or gross club) however, anyone can attend but only those winners may WIN the EVENT and get the trophy.

(Winners from the previous 3 years are automatically qualified if they are still members)


Any Member whose age plus their handicap is OVER 85 will be allowed the option to play from the courses senior tees (their handicap will be adjusted as per USGA rules) for that event. All members will use the same set of tees for the Club and Players Championships



Provisional Balls

Only 1 provisional ball should be played at any one time.

If you hit your tee shot (lost or OB) you MUST RETEE however if you hit your provisional OB or lost as well then you automatically play the better of the 2 as a LATERAL HAZARD and proceed to play in from there. (Hitting 5 now)

The same applies to second shot or later to the green, you are only allowed 1 provisional at a time. If a provisional tee shot is not hit then your only option is the new USGA rule, play as a lateral hazard and take a 2 stroke penalty (hitting 4 from there)  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY  NO GOING BACK TO THE TEE OR PREVIOUS SPOT HIT FROM.

PAR 3’s – if there is a hazard and you do not carry the hazard you re-tee then if your second goes in, you go to the drop area. (unless course rules do not allow)


Tee times will be provided 2 days prior to each event (on website)

All players must be at the course a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their tee time

A $20 FEE will be charged to any golfer NOT CHECKING in at least 20 minutes prior to your tee time. (Constant offenders)(3 strikes theory)

PENALTY for not making your tee time is LOSS of every hole your opponents have played and you are ineligible to win low net of that event (DQ) 


Singles are low handicap vs. low handicap and High vs. High

Doubles are team handicap vs. team handicap

Substitutes are able to play for any missing golfer (provided they are MEMBERS of the CLUB) and are able to compete for the missing golfer in singles and doubles matches.

If no sub is available - 

Single matches- the single golfer present will play BOTH members of opponents and a blind score (net 83) will be used to fill in for the doubles match.

Any team must compete as a FULL squad at least 6 times during the year or they are ineligible for the DOUBLES title.

If 2 or more teams have complete opponents missing an event then they will play each other at that event. If an odd number of missing teams, the LOWEST Record will get the double blind score to win their matches.

If there is 1 member missing from each team, they will compete for singles and doubles, 1 on 1 regardless of handicap. Some Events will have different scoring formats, Team Best Ball or Stable ford scoring will be announced by April 1 which events are changed.

NEW FOR 2019 

if our having a bad hole and do not finish the hole your score on card will be 9. In regards to your matches you will not receive any strokes so your 9 will not be an 8.



The TOP 6 Doubles teams and Top 6 singles will qualify for the WITH THE TOP 2 receive a bye for first round of  playoffs (similar to nfl) Singles and Doubles champions of the season. All ties for playoffs will be decided based on:

1-total wins (not ties)

2-Head to head competition

If there is still a tie for the last playoff spot and there is no deciding factor then they will play each other for the spot (if only 2 teams/singles are tied for the last spot)

If there are more than 2 tied, then the LOW NET TOTAL at the event will get the final spot. For Doubles if more than 3 teams tied for the last spot then the 2 low net teams will

Have 1 match to get the last playoff spot.


NEW FOR 2019
Singles playoffs if your unable to attend the day of event and don’t show your eliminated



Your dues include your USGA handicap (GHIN),

it is each players’ responsibility to POST ANY NON-WEEKENDERS rounds you play.

Your Weekenders rounds will be posted for you.

Penalty for failing to report any Non-Weekenders rounds-

Removal from ghin and you will be required to play as a scratch golfer the rest of the season.

The new GHIN revision schedule is the 1st and 15th of each month, if we have an event scheduled on those days your previous index will be used.

New members are INELIGIBLE to win any LOW-NET TITLE for their first 3 events (handicap verification period)

Previous guests that played any events with us the previous season will be able to use those events towards their handicap verification period.


Scores will be given to the scorekeeper immediately after your round is complete or 1 golfer will be assigned to give scores to me by phone/ 

Ryder Cup Qualifying

Each member will accumulate points based on each week’s top ten finishers (low net) First =100 pts, Second = 90 etc., all ties points will be split evenly except for first place. The top eight point totals qualify for the Ryder Cup team, the top point getter will be named Captain and will get 2 Captain’s picks to field if needed. 



All letters and information will be retrieved from the website each member will be able to look up future courses and exact tee times of the upcoming event on the tee time page.  



Lost Balls are allowed 3 minute search as per the USGA NEW RULE.

There is a $40 fee charged for any returned checks, they will not be re-deposited.

Ties –All tied matches in singles and doubles during the regular season, will be HALVED. During the playoffs extra holes until there is a winner.

For LOW-NET at an event if there is a tie for 
The total score on holes 10-18 total minus ½ handicap, if tie then
The total score holes 13-18 minus 1/3 handicap, if tie then
The total score holes 16-18 minus 1/6 handicap, if tie then
Finally --The best score on the 18th hole minus handicap(if players handicap is 18 or higher.)

Our major events already have a sudden death hole by hole playoff system
(No tiebreakers for CC, Players, singles/doubles title)

Executive Board

To handle discrepancies  Brady Lau, John Catino, Mike Pettigrew, Carlos Triana. If there is a tie vote only then will Jerry Sica (president) vote be cast. The Executive Board will assume event responsibilities if Jerry Sica is unable to attend.

(Course contact, payment of green fees, golfer registration, handing out scorecards, collecting scores, CTP and future green fees)


New Member dues is $200 for the year

Returning members are entitled to the following discounted rate for their next season

$150 if paid by 12/31

$175 if paid from 1/1-2/28

After 3/1 of the upcoming season it is the same as a new member $200

Each member’s dues entitle them to the following:


Guaranteed weekend tee times at the courses we are scheduling

As well as our 2- day (36 hole) Club Championship

Ryder Cup qualifying

Singles and doubles Competition (not Independent membership)

Year-end banquet for you and your significant other (held in Dec.)

Where awards, prizes, trophies and door-prizes are given out


Membership incentive

Any member that brings in a NEW MEMBER  to the Weekenders Golf Club will receive a $25 discount towards their next years dues when the new sponsored member pays their next years dues and every subsequent year they return.