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The Weekenders Golf Club is a golf club without Real Estate, where the  total number of full members is limited to around 36 (18 teams).  Many of our members have been in the league for over ten years.   We usually, but not always, have a few spots available each year.  If you are a hardcore golfer(regardless of handicap) who loves competition and comraderie, please submit your information for possible admission into the league.  In addition, we have tee times available on our schedule for guests of the league(to fill in for absentees) so if you'd like to see what we're about drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

CHECK OUT the 2020 SCHEDULE & see which membership is for you.

Types of Membership: (New Member Dues $200)
Returning members dues are discounted based on when it is received
($150 by 12/31, $175 by 2/28, $200 if after 3/1)

If you can attend 7 or more events a
Which includes -  
19 guaranteed WEEKEND TEE TIMES at golf courses in NY, NJ and PA
USGA GHIN handicapping system, Low Net winner at EACH EVENT,
Singles and Doubles competition
with a year end winner.
36 hole 2 day Club Championship held.
Ryder/PRESIDENTS' cup qualifying system,
Players Championship at the end of the year.
YEAR END BANQUET for you and guest   which includes 
Awards, prizes, etc.  

IF you can attend at least 4 events per year then an

Which includes-
All the same as above
except Singles and Doubles competition,
will be in singles/doubles match
if substitute is needed for a missing or injured full member.

this way there is no pressure to be a teammate.
Paid members can attend any event they register for and are eligible to win that days event and are GUARANTEED a tee time.

IF you CAN'T attend at least 4 events a year then just join us as a guest;
OPEN GUEST POLICY -  get on our Email distribution list if you wish to join us at one of our events,  just ask for available spots or sign up by  the
register by date on the Event Registration page.
Contact Information

Use this form to be contacted for information on possible membership choices or to be added on our email distribution list for any available last minute guests spots

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